Kingfisher House - Re-open

We are pleased to announce the re-openning of Kingfisher House in Bedfordshire. This three bedded home has been re-furbished and is ready for youngsters to fill it full of laugher and fun as of today!

Kingfisher House is a three bedded home located in Westoning, Bedfordshire. This home has been voluntarily closed since the beginning of the year when the previous Home Manager moved on.

The new Home Manager has moved internally from one of our other homes to run Kingfisher House. She was appointed as manager of Robin House in August 2016, where she gained an “Improved Effectiveness” rating from Ofsted, followed later that year by a “Good” rating with no recommendations or requirements.
Then earlier this year she moved to another Oracle home, Grey Heron / Jade Cottage to help support the team and ensure that systems were in place to monitor and record the progress of children. She also helped to put support in place to enable staff to upskill and progress their careers. The home was Ofsted inspected in July 2018 and was rated “Good” in all areas.

This experienced home manager is passionate about safeguarding and will strive to ensure that young people receive the best possible care and have all their individual needs met.

Fresh Start

Five weeks of the 2018-19 term have already flown by!

It has been an eventful start to the year and we have welcomed a number of young people into the Oracle family. Vacancies came about due to young people moving on to semi-indepdent living and home with their family members, which meant that new youngsters were quickly moving into our homes and schools with new challenges and excitment.
The youngsters have been supported in their transitions by our collaborative approach between home and school staff, family members and local authority teams - it has been fantastic to work together to build the foundations for the young people to have better aspirations and futures.

We all look forward to seeing the their personnalities, confidence and abilities shine through now that they are part of our Oracle family.

New Beginnings

As we move into Autumn we have lots of new young people placed within the homes and schools.

Our staff have been busy settling in new young people and making them feel at home, while our teaching staff have been introducing our schools, routines and ensuring learning is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Both the homes and schools are a hive of activity as we work together to build better lives for our youngsters.

Summer 2018 comes to an end!

As the end of the summer holiday drew near the young people made the most of the free time they had left!

Holidays, festivals and dancing the night away were high on the agenda. Our young people have been away with staff enjoying activities such as swimming, beach days, mocktails, eating out and evening entertainment, including BGT's Diversity!

Thorpe Park and pleasure beaches were the places they got their thrill for speed and heights, while the Sundown Festival in Norfolk was the highlight of another young persons holiday.

Once back at their homes the youngsters helped to tidy up gardens, started their normal sporting training sessions and ...yet again...beating the staff at paint-balling.

While they are getting ready to go back to school they certainly have had lots of fun and created happy memories of Summer 2018!

Positive Outcomes with Ofsted Inspections

Following a high number of Ofsted Inspections over the last few months we are delighted to say that all of our homes are rated as 'Good' or 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.

Positive comments, including those below, can be found throughout the reports:-

" Managers and staff endeavour to create a family atmosphere in the home".

"Good interactions between children and the staff were observed throughout the inspection."

"The children said that they feel safe living in the home because of the staff."

"Children spoken to were able to recognise their own improvement educationally since moving into the home".

This is the result of lots of hard work and dedication to ensuring that our young people get the best support and care from all the staff - right from head office through to the home and school staff.

We continue to strive for the best outcomes and will not wavier in our mission to ensure that we build safer lives and better futures.

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