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Oracle Care and Education provides bespoke packages of care, education and therapy for young people with extensive, complex and enduring needs who display high risk behaviours. Our aim is to provide an outstanding holistic service of care and education within a therapeutic environment.

We have 13 small homes each accommodating up to 3 young people across Bedfordshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire. Our 2 DfE registered and ISA affiliated schools offer places to resident and day pupils.

At Oracle, we look after young people with very complex needs, giving them the opportunity to develop in a caring and nurturing environment. We provide them with the safety and positive relationships needed to build their self-esteem and enable them to have a better future.

Our dedicated and experienced teams support the young people in our care, helping them to feel safe, giving them a sense of belonging and the opportunity to grow and develop their skills. Our staff teams want to make a real difference and they understand the needs of the young people and the behaviours they may present. They use their knowledge and experience to manage and support our young people, whilst influencing positive change in their behaviours.

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Steve Bromley - CEO

Oracle exists to give young people with very complex histories and needs a chance to break out from a spiral of negative and sometimes risky behaviour.

Since 2006, our teams have nurtured and supported over 137 young people, from over 56 Local Authorities, ranging from Scotland to the South Coast.

I am genuinely proud of the achievements and success of our community in supporting the young people in our care. We are strongest when we work together, creating a sense of belonging for staff and young people, where we celebrate, improve and develop.
It is the young people themselves who have the biggest impact on our lives and it is the chance to make a difference which makes this one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs in the world...


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