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During these difficult times our dedicated teams are working around the clock to continue looking after our young people. To facilitate social distancing, our office based support staff will be working from home wherever possible and can be contacted using the numbers on our Contact Us page. Despite the challenges we all face during these testing times, we are open for business and are committed to supporting you and our young people.


Another visit to Cambridge University by our Bedford School Pupils

Our pupils have been able to visit the University of Cambridge for a second day of activities designed to help looked-after children enter further and higher education. On Wednesday 19th February three pupils participated in a University Explore Day for 12 - 15 year olds. This was organised by the Realise Project Team at Cambridge and consisted of a day of fun activities and information for aspiring students. It was held at the Student Services Centre led by university Ambassadors who helped to make everyone feel at home. Children learnt about what university life is like and how different it is from school. Students spoke about their experiences of getting into university and what their daily lives are like. Participants were able to ask questions and discuss a variety of issues relevant to them. The highlight of the day was a 'hands on' session with two representatives from the very famous Footlights group at the university (a group whose alumni have included some very eminent actors and actresses over the last few decades, including Ali G, Monty Python, Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie). Pupils got into groups and prepared an impromptu comedy sketch which they then performed in front of a small audience. Despite their nerves Oracle pupils rolled up their sleeves and embraced the opportunity for a few minutes of fame! Well done to them!

Pupils from Bedford School Participate in Stargazing event

Stargazing at Robinson College, Cambridge University

Pupils from our Bedford School participated in a half term Stargazing Event organised by the Realise Project for Looked-after Children at the University of Cambridge and Institute of Astronomy. Pupils enjoyed a session of 'Human Bingo' based on What is a University? and a talk about how pupils who are 'care experienced' can be helped throughout their university careers, should they wish to attend after leaving school or college. Really helpful information on grants, bursaries and other packages available to them was also given. An interesting tour of Robinson College followed, which included a visit to the garden, social areas, and the awe-inspiring chapel. The party was treated to a tasty dinner, followed by a visit to the Institute of Astronomy lecture theatre and observatory. A leading researcher in the field, Matt, gave a talk about the solar system, planets and stars and everyone learned some really interesting space facts. The level of questioning from the children was really impressive. We were able to handle a real meteorite which had been whizzing around space and then came the most exciting part of all - viewing galaxies through a million-pound telescope.

A great opportunity for our young people and one which they very much enjoyed!

Christmas Card Design - 2019 Winners

We today announced the winners of our 2019 Christmas card design competition, and prizes go to three of our pupils: 2 in our Bedford School and 1 in our Congleton School

Once again, we received lots of fantastic designs and it was really difficult to single out just one winner. We therefore picked out the following 3 designs as joint winners of the competition. I'm sure you will agree that our young artists have produced some fantastic work. Well done to the winners and everyone else who submitted entries.

Hearts and Lungs

As part of GCSE Biology our upper school pupils have had the opportunity to dissect and look at a heart and lungs. This gave them the opportunity to see what they look like and proved a good way for them to learn the names of the various parts of the heart and lungs. They are also able to see how they are adapted to the functions they carry out.

Having got over the initial shock, pupils enjoyed holding an actual heart in their hands and inflating a pair of lungs.

Road Safety Awareness Assembly

On Monday, 25 November, our School Police Liaison Office, Jane, came into school to talk to pupils about road safety and staying safe.

She spoke about the risks to pedestrians and those as passengers in cars and presented some statistics.

  • how boys are more at risk than girls for serious injury in road traffic accidents
  • how passengers aged 14 + are personally responsible for wearing their seatbelts and are also responsible for paying the fines if they are caught for not wearing one

Jane also highlighted the need for lights and for wearing helmets when riding a bike, and went through the meaning of some road signs.

Our pupils were shocked by the statistics, and agreed to pay careful attention to road safety going forward

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