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World of Work

The afternoon at our Cheshire School was informative thanks to the Army careers and local Fire Fighters who came in to talk to our youngsters.

The afternoon visits were aimed at thinking about those that help us and some of the skills are needed in the world of work. They were given an insight into the benefits the Armed Forces can have for some and the variety of tasks that Fire Fighters undertake, including talking through the kit on the vehicle.

It was a busy afternoon but one that left our young people with no doubt that there are lots of opportunities out there and how to maximise their personal skills and use the things they enjoy to develop their employability.

This afternoon's visit's will be followed up by careers event in July and the generation of a careers resource full of useful information.

Motivational Assembly - We all climb our own mountains!

Tuesday's school day started with a little bit of something different for our Congleton young people this week. We were delighted to welcome Paul Griffiths, a Motivational Speaker and Explorer from Entrust, who came in to do assembly.

The assembly was based upon what we want from life and not allowing negativity or 'mountain's' to get in your way. All done during Mental Health Awareness Week 2018.

The young people were engaged by adventure stories Paul told regarding his own expeditions, those of friends and famous explorers. The youngsters were amazed by pictures and the sheer determination that those people show to achieve their dreams.The mountains and extreme adventures were used as examples of negativity and difficult times that we face in life.

Paul explained that we all have difficult times but what makes a person is how you deal with them and and move forward - not giving up at the first hurled. The young people and staff were very moved by the assembly and left feeling that they could do what ever they aspired to do with their lives, regardless of background or experiences to date.

The outcome of the mornings visit was summed up by one young man who stood up and addressed is peers, staff and Paul himself. He said that he was pleased that people belived in him and he also believed that Paul would continue his work and inspire other people through his travels and positivity!

An empowering morning which left pupils and staff a like feeling valued and inspired to achieve greatness!

Interest out of the window

This mornings lessons at our Congleton School were overshadowed by the arrival of a large articulated lorry right outside the windows.

The young people were fascinated at how the lorry was going to reverse down a narrow road and turn a ninety degree angle into a loading spot.... made more difficult for the driver with cars either side and his young audience watching.
The driver was very focused and managed to do his job well before sounding his air horn for the pupils as he left.
It just proves that knowing about pivots and angles has a place in some peoples day-to-day lives!

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