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Aiming for the Stars!

Two of our pupils have recently been lucky enough to attended a visit to Churchill College and the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University, an event organised by the ‘Realise Project’ at Cambridge University. They spent some time discussing what it is like to go to university and the courses that could be studied followed by a lecture about the solar system.

The pupils handled some asteroids that had fallen to earth – these were very valuable and one was pure iron and very heavy. It was a stunning experience for them to handle something made in space, as only a few people have ever done this. They went on to the observation field in the dark and listened to the lecturer talk about the constellations; the lecturer showed them how to spot the North Star and other constellations. One of the best moments was being in the telescope room where the whole roof of the building moved so they could see the surface of the moon in great detail – including craters and hills and valleys.

Throughout the visit the pupils were excited and came back saying that it was “brilliant” and “amazing”. Not only did it capture their interest and enjoyment but it opened up the possibility of opportunities out there that they may not have previously considered.

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