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Cheshire Fire Service visits Congleton School

Just before half term, we were pleased to welcome two ladies from the Cheshire Fire Service into our school. They talked to pupils about fire safety around fireworks and in general, discussing hazards, the law and consequences, as well as ways to stay safe. They also answered questions raised by pupils and staff.

Pupils were shocked about the statistics involved in terms of the number of young people involved in accidents around Bonfire Night.

They also talked through what to do if they were in danger – Stop, Drop and Roll.

Pupils enjoyed and engaged in what turned out to be almost an hour's session of conversation and shared information.

Thank you to Cheshire Fire Service.

Reptiles in focus at our Congleton School

This week has seen some unusual visitors to our Congleton School!

As part of their science studies, pupils have had an opportunity to get up close and personal to reptiles such as snakes, tortoises, a giant centipede and even a bearded dragon. As well as learning about the animal habitats in their countries of origin, pupils have found out about their habits and food preferences. They have also been able to handle the reptiles in a controlled environment. This is all thanks to one of our teaching staff who has an interest in animals and has rescued many of these reptiles.

As well as their scientific aspect, these animal help to prompt discussions about how to care for them, thereby helping pupils with their English Speaking and Listening. They also support and help to overcome any anxieties about new and different things / different things.

The pupils have really responded well to this and enjoy the sessions with the animals.

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