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Hearts and Lungs

As part of GCSE Biology our upper school pupils have had the opportunity to dissect and look at a heart and lungs. This gave them the opportunity to see what they look like and proved a good way for them to learn the names of the various parts of the heart and lungs. They are also able to see how they are adapted to the functions they carry out.

Having got over the initial shock, pupils enjoyed holding an actual heart in their hands and inflating a pair of lungs.

Road Safety Awareness Assembly

On Monday, 25 November, our School Police Liaison Office, Jane, came into school to talk to pupils about road safety and staying safe.

She spoke about the risks to pedestrians and those as passengers in cars and presented some statistics.

  • how boys are more at risk than girls for serious injury in road traffic accidents
  • how passengers aged 14 + are personally responsible for wearing their seatbelts and are also responsible for paying the fines if they are caught for not wearing one

Jane also highlighted the need for lights and for wearing helmets when riding a bike, and went through the meaning of some road signs.

Our pupils were shocked by the statistics, and agreed to pay careful attention to road safety going forward

Students Visit World Skills Event at the NEC

On 21 November we took 3 of our students from years 10 and 11 to the World Skills Live event at the NEC. Their first port of call was the Armed Forces, in particular the Royal Navy, where a representative explained the qualifications needed to apply for the various roles. The students had the opportunity to use some virtual reality technology to have a go at steering a naval ship into port. One student took information away with him for further consideration and is looking to attend another Armed Forces specialist recruitment fair.

In the Health, Hospitality and Lifestyle zone, students learned how to pull a point and toss pizza dough, whilst in the Construction and Infrastructure area they watched the presentations of national brick laying and roofing championships. The next area they visited was the Business Creative and Digital areas, where they got to see people designing computer games and developing programs. This was of particular interest to one student who is studying game design at a local college. Finally the students visited the Engineering and Technology section, where they watched dancing robots and enjoyed a ride in a virtual reality roller coaster.

All students found the event a worthwhile experience which gave then new or additional ideas to consider when choosing their own career path.

Harry Potter Science Topic

As part of a ‘Harry Potter Science Topic’ our Congleton school pupils have studied owls, including adaptations, food chains, owl pellets and an English based fact finding investigation (cross-curricular link). Surprisingly, they thoroughly enjoyed dissecting owl pellets to find out what the owls had eaten, using specialist charts to compare the bones of different animals.

Pupils are generating a Wizard book which is a replacement of their exercise book for this topic. In this they will eventually have lots of information about the owls, potions, recipes (experiment methods) and how the these work (results, conclusions) with explanations linked to chemical reactions, acids and alkalis and states of matter.

The books are actual Harry Potter note books with wand pencils…which they love!

This week they grew a nose in a jar! They were looking at how Halloween toys work and using science to explain this.

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