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Nature is high on the Curriculum at our Beford School

This week has seen a great week at our Bedford school where the pupils continue to be engaged and enjoy the good weather. A small group of pupils have been out on a nature walk in the local woods looking at and identifying local flora and fauna. The pupils have also been helping to smarten up the front of school. This has entailed some weeding and adding some fragrant lavender to the planters at the entrance, which will be enjoyed not just by ourselves, but by the wildlife too. This has unearthed a passion for gardening for several pupils and who have now set up an ‘Oracle School Gardening Club’ for the more green fingered pupils.

89% / 80% Pupil Engagement at our Bedford and Congleton Schools

Whilst the national statistic for pupil engagement in remote learning has been 22% during the lockdown period. we have seen a much higher engagement level of 89% at our Bedford School This is the result of a team effort, whereby school staff have worked closely with our residential teams, parents and carers. It has also been helped through continuing therapeutic input, albeit remotely through various delivery programmes.

Meanwhile at our Congleton School the attendance and engagement of our pupils continues to accelerate, rising from 78% just after Easter when we partially re-opened to almost 80% accessing the school building on a part time basis over the last half term, with almost 50% accessing independent, online learning during lockdown.

Our young people have shown a great deal of maturity and flexibility in adapting to the ever changing circumstances.

Great team effort!

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