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College Successes

Celebrations were the order of the day in one of our Bedfordshire homes as 2 young people successfully finished their first year at college. This is a real achievement for both of them, who maintained focus and continued engaging with their learning right until they broke up, including completing assessments, assignments and virtual classes online. They are now focusing on their independence skills by managing their own health and medication requirements and assisting with the household jobs.

Meanwhile at one of our Cheshire homes, one young person has finished the second year of their college course – achieving a Merit in animal management. The plan is to return to college next year to compete a course in countryside and conservation, whilst plans are meanwhile underway to transition to semi-independence.

These are excellent achievements for our young people considering their situations when they first came into our care and we are very proud to witness the progress they have made and to see the independent young adults they have become.

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