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Recycling for Charity

Well done to Sophie at one of our homes in Cheshire for considering the environment as well as the plight of animals in need whilst she was helping with home improvements. Rather than discarding some old carpet, she took it to a local Dog's Home for their use.

Enjoying Easter

As we hope that the longer days and sunshine continues our young people have been making the most of the holidays and had a fantastic Easter break.

In our Staffordshire region many of the young people have made the most of the close proximity of Alton Towers and enjoyed the rush of adrenaline as they took to the rides. One young man is celebrating his birthday by a visit to the theme park with staff.
Trips to Waterworld, the cinema, Crocky Trail and Blackpool also took place, together with a bit of retail therapy and rounds of golf.

Those young people at Brunswick put their creativity to the test and created an art wall for all to see.

And of course Easter is not the same without a little indulgence and relaxation! Some enjoyed recharging their batteries and Easter egg hunts, and all of our young people have enjoyed meals out, take-aways and even afternoon tea and cake decoration...lovely!

In our Bedfordshire region the young people have also been busy visiting Brighton, London, the Emirates Stadium and Eddie Stopard Depo.
The learning did not stop for some however, as alcohol awareness sessions and a visit by community police took place. Trying to walk in a straight line while wearing alcohol goggles was a challenge for staff as well as our young people!

Talking of challenges the staff v. young people go karting was easily won by the youngsters, althoug the staff are not happy and a re-match is on the cards. Wereas the swimming, walks and football have been far less competitive but just as enjoyable.

Volunteer work is never far from peoples minds and this holiday saw some doing wood work at a volunteer group, and taking old carpet materials to a dogs home to help with comfort and warmth.

It's been lovely to see some of our young people have the opportunity to see family and undertake activities with them over the holidays too.

However they chose to spend their time, it's safe to say that they decide themselves and made the most of their two weks off school!

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