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Remembrance Sunday

Remembering those people who help us every day, and those who give their lives to enable us to live in a safer world, was the topic of conversation and activities within our homes this weekend.

Young people often find these things difficult to talk about and understand, however through creative thinking facilitated by our staff, the young people talked about Remembrance Sunday while making cake and poppies.

One group of young people created their own poppies and put them on display outside their home which was lovely.

Another group made an edible chocolate trench.

Often it's through creativity and discussion that young people feel comfortable to have discussions about such unpleasant or difficult topics.

World Quality Day - A Question of Trust!

As an organisation we strive for excellence in all aspects of our care, education and therapy, the basis of which relies heavily on building a positive, effective and respectful trust between the staff and young people alike.

We aim to be a beacon of best quality and practice for the best outcomes.
Th vast majority of young people state that they feel safe and know that they always have someone to talk to within Oracle, in fact when asked about what keeps them safe one young person said:

"Myself, the staff and the healthy environment around me”...none of which would happen without TRUST!

Thanks to Sue Tucker for her interpretation of the Oracle Model.

Happy Half Term

As the nights drew in our young people made the most of the Halloween season and took themselves trick or treating with friends and staff. This was accompanied by pumkin carving and enjoying time together.

Many of our youngsters enjoyed time relaxing playing games, watching films and cooking. Some even made a chocolate bunker, organised a tea-party and cooked some delicious meals.

As always during school holidays some young people enjoyed visits to see family members and take part in family events.

For the end of October the weather was unusually pleasent so forest walks and days out also featured heavily, including Lazer Quest,cinema visits,skate parks and days out with peers.

It is nice to see that their imaginations were in full swing as one home had a pillow fort and mountain constructed, while another had evenings of dancing and performances.

As some of our young people are reaching ages where they have more free time it was nice to hear that one used this to walk into town for some shopping.

The half term was packed full of positive experiences and treats and they are all now looking forward to the next holiday.... Christmas!

Spooky Welcome

The art of pumpkin carving did not get forgotten about over the Halloween period.

Young people used their artistic talents to carve their own pumpkins. Some staff and young people worked together to decorate the homes and carve pumpkins to put on display.

It is lovely to see the homes looking spookily welcome for the Halloween season.

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