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Artistic Ability

It feels only right to share the artistic talents of one of our young people.

This young person has been demonstrating how good they are at art through working with a member of care staff.

The young person likes the two chart toppers drawn, went to a festival in the summer holidays and had the excitement of meeting Shawn Mendes....amazing!

Count down to Christmas

Our staff and young people are getting very excited. Now it is December we can officially say that Christmas is nearly upon us.

As with all youngsters, our young people were all looking forward to putting up the Christmas trees and getting into the Christmas spirit.

They have even themed the activities programme into a '24 days of Christmas list' with an exciting line up of fun, films and family enjoyment! Such a lovely time of year to enjoy being together and creating positive happy memories.

We even have an extra young person staying as a temporary guest at one home.....let's just hope he follows the house rules!

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