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Random Acts of Kindness Week

Many of our staff and young people got involved in bringing a smile to someone's face through a random act of kindness over the course of the week leading up to Random Acts of Kindness Day.

One of our homes started the week off by showing a small kindness to each of their young people,, who then reciprocated by showing a kindness to someone else. One of these was a lovely tribute to a member of the care team, and another was a little bedtime treat. Staff showed consideration to each other for example by unexpectedly covering an early shift for a colleague, and another helped a stranger who was struggling to carry his shopping to the car.

Well done to everyone - it's been great hearing your stories.

Art and Creativity

Once again our young people are surprising us with their artist talents. This young person highlighted their love of cars through sketches.

There is a wealth of research that demonstrates how arts and culture improve the well-being, health and lifestyles of young people.

It is nice to see our youngsters express themselves in the variety of ways they do, but particularly in ways which we can all enjoy like art.

Safer Internet Day 2019

As part of 'Safer Internet Week' our young people have been looking at issues with internet use, sharing of personal information and the effects of these things on young people in today's society.

Our youngsters watched videos, took part in discussions and quizzes at both our schools and homes in order to ensure that the message about personal safety came across consistently from all staff.

The NSPCC and CEOP's website information was a great tool to use and made it accessible for everyone.
Working in this way truly showed our young people that we are all stronger when we work together
to help each other.

In one of our homes one young person took it upon himself to draw up a piece of work to highlight the main points he felt were important - fantastic to see that it is making him think carefully about his safety on the internet.

Come Dine With Me is Back!

One of our homes in Bedfordshire enjoyed last years 'Come Dine with Me' event so much that it is back!

This year they are doing two 'cook off’s' a week in order for the whole team to take part. The team, including the young people, have to devise their own menu with a starter, main and desert for six people with a budget of £15.00.

It's also a time they will utilise to talk about various topics including mental health awareness over dinner. This is such a great time for everyone to get together to talk about their day and any other issues they feel they'd like to share.

The guests will mark each night out of ten in three areas - entertainment, hosting and food. There will be an update on the results shortly...Good Luck to everyone!

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