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Oracle Model in practice.

As the Oracle Model is rolled out our homes have been looking at each area with their young people. Thoughts, feelings and discussions are being held in home meetings and more informally with youngsters as to what each area means to them personally and on a day to day basis.

In order to record the conversations and use the information to inform future practice some homes have taken to drawing mind-maps and posters.

As an Oracle family everyone's opinions and feelings are important. It is nice to see those thoughts being valued within save and supportive environments.

National Children's Day 12th May 2019

National Children's Day took place on Sunday 12th May this year and is all about the importance of a healthy childhood, and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children in order to ensure that they can grow into happy, healthy adults. Although modern life is great in many ways, there are lots of things that are also causing problems for the happiness and well-being of families and children. National Children's Day UK provides a powerful platform for people to talk about the issues and to network with others who want to find solutions.

Our young people take part in a number of charity activities but this weekend a few of them organised their unwanted items and donated them to a local children's hospice. It's at times like these our youngsters appreciate how lucky they are to have the support of staff, social workers and others to ensure they are on the right path.

It's a day to celebrate children as well as the amazing work done by everyone who works each and everyday to ensure young people develop in a positive and happy manner to create better futures.

Making Memories - Easter 2019

Over the Easter holiday we were thrilled to benefit from some lovely weather and our young people made the most of this by taking day trips out and about in their local areas.

Places like the beach, country parks, the zoo, bike rides and outdoor trails were all on the activities list for our homes to enjoy being out in nature,

Shopping and cinema trips were also on the cards as something our young people particularly enjoy during a break from school, especially as the new Marvel film came out!

We were also delighted to hear how well home and family contacts had gone. Hearing the youngsters talk about these visits reinforces how well they are developing and how much the efforts and work underway are helping everyone to have better lifes.

Easter could not go by without Easter Egg Hunts and plenty of chocolate! Our Finance Director even brought little chocolates in for all office staff which resulted in lots of happy people.

One young person got the holiday of their dreams, which took a lot of time and effort from all agencies and staff to organise, but their reaction at the top of the Empire State Building in New York is something he, nor staff, will never forget!

Holidays are for making memories and that is something everyone certainly did this Easter break!

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