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Spreading the Sunshine

This artwork was created by the young people at one of our Cheshire homes to spread the sunshine!

Lunch Time Boogie

To encourage a bit of fun, as well as exercise into the working day during lockdown, one of our employees has set up a regular lunch time boogie session for staff and young people to engage in. This is held by video conference and encourages everyone to stop what they're doing, and get up and dance to the sound of a popular song track. For the more reserved, there is the option of clapping along, clicking their fingers, tapping their toes, or simply watching everyone else make a fool of themselves! Keep up the action everyone!

Traditional games and activities are re-visited

Anyone remember Subbuteo? This traditional game of table-top football which dates back to the forties has been re-introduced at one of our homes and is now being enjoyed by the young people. Some of our other young people are outdoors flying kites - which is a joy to experience.

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