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Build a Bird Feeder Challenge

This week's challenge, which has not yet been decided, is to build a bird feeder. Here's a sneak peek at a couple of the entries so far:

Young People serve up Dinner

To help the young people develop their cooking and baking skills and to build on the food technology lessons from school, one of the homes has been encouraging the young people to prepare the evening meals for the whole "family". Taking on the challenge of being responsible for this important activity and coming up with something deliciious, the young people have been proud to serve up a range of tasty recipes from lasagne, to sausage casserole and jambalaya. Everyone was impressed with the results, not least the young people themselves who showed real talent and pride, albeit tinged with the slight worry that they might get asked to do this every evening!

Getting close to nature

Encouraged by those “twitchers” amongst our care staff, some of our young people have been doing their bit for nature. Additional bird feeders have been hung up, a bird bath has been re-located to provide the water which is so important for birds and wildlife generally, and a bird table donated by one of our staff members has been put up in the long grass in the garden. Well done everyone.

Alongside the regular garden birds, there was another exciting visitor. Check out this majestic kestrel who arrived to hunt in the long grass of the meadow.

Purple Challenge for Stroke Awareness Month

As part of Stroke Awareness Month during May, we set a challenge to our homes of coming up with something creative in the colour purple - the shade associated with Stroke Awareness. The winning entry was put forward by one of out Bedford homes and was very simply the purple in the PRIDE flag.

Following the cancellation of PRIDE events scheduled to take place during June, the home decided to celebrate with its own Pride event, which tied in nicely with the challenge. The garden was decked with flags and bunting, the BBQ was lit and there was even a Pride cake, baked by one of the other Bedford homes specially for the event. Not only was it a winning idea, but also made for a great day.

Stroke Awareness month raises awareness of strokes and their impact on sufferers and their friends and families as well as educating the general public on the signs and symptoms of strokes.

Healthy Eating Week

Our homes are embracing Healthy Eating week by making fruit smoothies and in one case trying to cram as many of the 5-a-day into a single smoothie as possible.

They are also enjoying packing lots of vegetables into their cooking this week and reports confirm that the meals are super tasty. If the smoothie is anything to go by, I'm sure they are delicious. Great effort!

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